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Tineco has formally announced the launch of its latest generation FLOOR ONE S5 Combo wet & dry vacuum, a multifunctional 2-in-1 appliance that combines the capabilities of floor washer and a hand vacuum in a single unit, making it perfect cleaning companion for a wide range of surfaces, from hardwood to tile and enables users to clean the entire living area – not only the floor.

Some of the key features of the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo include:

Proprietary iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology - FLOOR ONE S5 Combo automatically detects how dirty the floor is and applies the appropriate amount of detergent, water, roller pressure and suction power to ensure the perfect hard floor clean every time.

Easy Handheld conversion – Easily converts into a handheld vacuum with attachments to reach corners, stairs, crevices, car interiors and more

Smart iLoop™ display – Monitor the mess with iLoop ring that changes from red to blue when your floor is clean, the full-colour, 2.1-inch LCD display provides real-time cleaning status with vivid 3D animation

Enhanced Edge and Corner Cleaning - Designed to clean along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners, FLOOR ONE S5 Combo exclusive brush head design leaves floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes.

Continuous Fresh Water Cleaning – Combining the best of both wet & dry vacuum technologies, FLOOR ONE S5 Combo simultaneously cleans up dry dirt and debris and also mops your floors with fresh water to remove any wet messes. The dual-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate for continuous cleaning with fresh water and deodorizing solution.

Self-Cleaning for easy maintenance - The thorough self-cleaning feature ensures deep cleaning of the brush roller and pipes, and uses centrifugal drying to effectively remove water from the roller brush for top-notch vacuum performance every time.

App Connectivity & Voice Assistant for Smart Cleaning - Built-in connectivity to the Tineco app and the helpful voice assistant monitor vacuum performance with real-time updates as you clean, including cleaning reports, operational guidance, maintenance reminders, and battery status.

The FLOOR ONE S5 Combo has three modes to customize as per the cleaning needs. Auto mode for basic cleaning, Max mode for tough messes. Just want to vacuum? Switch to Suction mode to vacuum liquids and other wet mess without mopping.  Importantly, the higher-capacity clean and dirty water tanks allow to clean larger areas without interruption and iLoop™ smart battery optimization allows up to 35 minutes of cordless runtime.

The sleek, compact FLOOR ONE S5 Combo is a perfect addition for busy households and pet owners, who want to simplify their cleaning routine and get outstanding results with easy maintenance routine.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo is available in Australia and can be purchased from Costco for A$849.