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Stanley Rogers to release Glassware Collections through stores nationally

Extending its premium positioning on tables around Australia, today Stanley Rogers launches two collections of crystal glassware.

Today, after a year of design and development work, Stanley Rogers will release two completely new Glassware Collections through stores nationally.

Knowing that every occasion is worth celebrating the team have created these distinctive collections to compose the scene and create the mood, whatever the setting.

Both collections are made of high-quality lead-free crystal, as brilliant in transparent clarity as they are in touch and tone.

As Grant Durie - Product Manager for Stanley Rogers Glassware explains, “it’s that magical ‘clink’ of beautiful glass that sounds the celebration in every toast.”

“But not only was it harmonic perfection we were seeking to obtain with these collections, it was a refined, smooth fine rim, perfect for sipping from. Being a quality lead-free crystal, they are lighter and stronger than many others, providing pure flavours and richer aromas.”

This is where the similarities end.

The Barossa Collection is a tight selection of seven beautifully curated glasses, purposely majestic, elegant and enticing in their design.

Perfect for the consummate entertainer, with tall, sleek and bountiful silhouettes, this collection brings aromas to life, flavour to the palette and indulgent abandon to every celebration.

The more expansive, Tamar Collection is intentionally designed to ensure that you have the perfect glass on hand, and in hand, at every occasion.

It is a broad selection of 11 stemmed and stemless wine, cocktail and spirit glasses, with the mandatory beer glass and even the ever loved champagne coupe joining the party.

Named for the region that produces grapes of superior quality, the Tamar Collection will quench the thirst of any desire.

Available nationally through Kitchen Warehouse, other reputable houseware retailers and online at Stanley Rogers every glass is sold in a set of six and ranges in price from RRP $59.95 to $79.95.

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